While many companies endeavour to keep all Human Resource programs and developments in-house, there may be occasions when the use of outside professional assistance could be very advantageous. Services provided by Golden Mile Management - Consulting Services can be of value when…

  • Additional expertise and resources are required to complete a project(s)
  • On occasion, internal resources are insufficient to realize project parameters
  • There is particular urgency to complete a project(s)
  • The hiring of a permanent full-time employee would be too costly
  • The business or organization needs a fresh point of view
  • Sensitive information requires gathering in confidence by an objective third party
  • The project is too large to handle in-house
  • A cost effective alternative is required
  • Sensitivity surrounds the issue(s)
Golden Mile Management - Consulting Services can provide discrete, ethical and highly confidential, cost-effective solutions while remaining professionally objective and reliable.