Golden Mile Management - Consulting Services is one of Canada’s most discrete, ethical and highly regarded Human Resource Consulting firms.

The firm is a full-service, external Human Resource provider supporting client companies and organizations with exceptional expertise, ultimately delivering superb service and bottom-line value. We are accustomed to managing some of the most sensitive and highly confidential issues confronting organizations today.

Historically, the firm is recognized for it’s progressive and innovative initiatives, while also delivering successful, grounded and proven traditional Human Resource solutions. Additional support services delivered by the firm include: Executive Search / Recruitment, Organizational Development, Management and Employee Training Programs and Career Transitioning / Outplacement Programs. Facilitation Services are also provided for executive management meetings, off-site functions, focus groups and / or employee meetings to confront today’s contemporary business and organizational issues.

Located at Eglinton Avenue East and Brimley Road in Toronto, Ontario (north-east quadrant of the Greater Toronto Area), the firm provides external Human Resource support programs, processes and customized “outsourced” solutions to numerous client organizations based in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as across Canada and the United States.

Clients serviced by the firm encompass: banks and financial institutions, manufacturing, pulp & paper, printing, packaging, wholesale and distribution, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged products, automotive, transportation, high-tech and government organizations, as well as various National and Regional Business Associations.

Client assignments have included numerous external projects, internal solutions and implementation or facilitation of progressive programs.

The firm’s technology and flexibility to work anywhere, enables project activities to be conducted virtually anywhere in North America.

Ultimately the firm delivers service excellence in everything it does. We enjoy a solid and profoundly ethical reputation within the business community, provide remarkable expertise, while returning value to our clients. We are grateful to our clients for their business and it’s our privilege to be of service…when called upon to be of assistance.


Organizations seeking external consulting services are invited to contact Ted Tyczka (President) directly at
(416) 266-4434.